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Google Ads Done Right

With a small team of experienced creatives and strategists, our mission is to help bring your business to the right audience, the Savvy way.

We specialise in Google Ads & PPC Marketing, so you get qualified leads & instant results.

Values that lead us


Research & Insights

Preparation is key. To get the best results possible in the shortest amount of time, research and insights of your target audience and strategy is critical.


Strategy Time

Good planning is the backbone of any great work, that's why we build a strategic approach to achieving your goal, with details at every corner.


The Execution

As a Google Ads agency, we can take the lead and implement all elements of the campaign, from the landing page design, all the way to the keyword research and ad group creation.


Reviewing Results

Tracking the impressions and conversions is the main part of every campaign. We will regularly review and report the results of the campaigns to optimize, so your reach is maximized.

Founder & Google Ads Expert

Louis is the lead marketing manager of our micro-agency, running the majority of PPC campaigns and communications across the business.

Before starting Savvy Digital, Louis worked for a Financial Technology company, whilst managing PPC campaigns on the side. In early 2022, he made the lead and quit his job to pursue his passion for Paid Search advertising full-time, utilising his analytical background to help businesses get more calls and leads!

Certified in various marketing disciplines, including SEO, CRO, Lead Generation, Email, PPC and Brand Strategy.

See What Our Clients Have To Say...

Really happy with Louis and Savvy digital, we have similar business models which are based on first rate customer service and response times, I wanted a similar operation where I could get a quick response and speak to a knowledgeable person.

The campaign is back on track and Louis has the knowledge needed, very happy to hand over to them. Targeted goals have been met through the campaign with more to come!

OD - Google Review

5 Stars

Our clinic has been working with Louis at Savvy Digital and the experience has been overwhelmingly positive, with the service being second to none.

They were tasked to strategize and implement a Google Ads campaign that aligned with our businesses goals, in which we wanted to increase the amount of leads and improve their quality, all whilst bringing down the overall CPA.

Within the first month, we had achieved the aforementioned goals and are even more excited for the future! Time and time again, Savvy Digital have gone above & beyond at every opportunity.

KN - Google Review

5 Stars

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