Google Ads is a great way for small businesses to generate quality leads for Doctors. Get to the top of Google and show your products & services to audiences searching for them.

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Louis Riat-Bonello

Google Ads For Doctors Expert

3+ years experience

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Whether you already run Google Ads for yourself, or get help from someone else, get a second opinion from us for FREE!

Call to book a Google Ads account audit, in which we will analyse the performance, strategy and setup of your campaigns.

Simon Fennell
Simon Fennell
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Louis performed a free Google Ads Audit and found a whole bunch of areas where performance of my ads could be improved and my budget reduced. Knowing that I wanted to retain control of my ads, rather than outsource the management, Louis developed a bespoke package that worked for both of us. Since then I have retained Louis on a monthly basis to review my ads performance, explain to me where tuning can be done and discuss advertising strategies that could work for my business. It's a mix of consultancy and training, that works for me. On top of that he's a really nice guy and easy to work with. 5 Star.
Shaina Ishaal
Shaina Ishaal
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I recently worked with Savvy Digital in the UK for our Google Ads campaign, and I have to say that they were an absolute pleasure to work with. From start to finish, their team was extremely helpful and professional, and I couldn't be happier with the results we achieved. What I appreciated the most was their deep knowledge of the Google Ads platform and their ability to create a customized campaign that perfectly fit our needs. They took the time to listen to our goals and objectives, and then provided valuable insights and recommendations on how to optimize our ad performance. Throughout the entire process, they were always available to answer our questions and provide timely updates on the campaign's progress. Their level of communication and transparency was top-notch, and it gave us complete confidence in their ability to deliver results. Overall, I would highly recommend Savvy Digital in the UK to anyone looking for a professional, experienced, and reliable digital marketing agency. Their team was a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to working with them again in the future. Thank you, Savvy Digital, for a job well done!
Mark Aylwin
Mark Aylwin
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We are using Savvy Digital to help with our Google ads , They are very professional and do not mind helping me understand the correct way to maximise our advertisement budget
Safe House
Safe House
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Louis has been a pleasure to work with! He has helped us gain more insight into our lead generation campaigns and we look forward to continuing out work with him !
Rosie Wood
Rosie Wood
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Savvy digital has helped my business reach many new customers and allowed a better access to my surrounding areas as a result of his google ads campaign he organised for my firm. Through this we have been able to meet our marketing targets a lot sooner than we planned! He was very adaptable to our requests and niche business model and as a result saw huge success in using him.
Owen Anderson
Owen Anderson
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Louis offered an exceptional and professional service. He helped my business gain high levels of views and clicks on our websites compared to the years before we used him. He was able to add a personal touch to our business to really maximise our ads which in turn saw a massive increase to activity across our platforms. 10/10 would recommend to get your business out there!
Oisin Daly
Oisin Daly
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Really happy with Louis and Savvy digital, we have similar business models which are based on first rate customer service and response times, I wanted a similar operation where I could get a quick response and speak to a knowledgeable person. The campaign is back on track and Louis has the knowledge needed, very happy to hand over to them. Targeted goals have been met through the campaign with more to come!
Care Manager
Care Manager
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Our clinic has been working with Louis at Savvy Digital and the experience has been overwhelmingly positive, with the service being second to none. They were tasked to strategize and implement a Google Ads campaign that aligned with our businesses goals, in which we wanted to increase the amount of leads and improve their quality, all whilst bringing down the overall CPA. Based on this, Savvy Digital developed a highly targeted search campaign, accompanied with well-designed landing pages to optimise with the conversion rates for the website. Within the first month, we had achieved the aforementioned goals and are even more excited for the future! Time and time again, Savvy Digital have gone above & beyond at every opportunity and communicated every step, helping us learn throughout the journey.

We're a Google Ads Agency partner

So what does that mean?

As a certified agency in Google Ads for Doctors, we are officially recognised for getting amazing results for our clients.

Not only this, but we earnt a special badge that displays how our team has passed the required Google Ads product exams and is up-to-date with their platform.

Very few Google Ads agencies are partners in the health industry, so when you see that badge, you know you are in good hands.

Services That We Offer

Google Ads Consulting

Sometimes all you need is a bit of advice... Book a call with a Google Ads For Doctors Expert, to discuss your current campaign, business goals, and how to achieve them.

Google Ads Management

Get your Google Ads account and campaigns set up correctly from the start by our agency. Stop wasting time and money, get more leads as a Doctor today!

Landing Page Development

Getting a user to click on your Ads on Google is half the battle, but getting them to convert is where a beautifully designed landing page can make all the difference.

Values that lead us


Research & Insights

Preparation is key. To get the best results possible in the shortest amount of time, research and insights of your target audience and strategy are critical. That's why we are the experts in Google Ads For Doctors.


Strategy Time

Good planning is the backbone of any great work, that's why we build a strategic approach to achieving your goal, with details at every corner. Meetings in-person or online, to better understand your Doctors practise.


The Execution

As the leading agency in Google Ads For Doctors, we can take the lead and implement all elements of the campaign, from the landing page design, all the way to the keyword research and ad group creation.


Reviewing Results

Tracking the impressions and conversions is the main part of every campaign. We will regularly review and report the results of your Google Ads For Doctors campaign, optimising the account for maximum results.

Google Ads For Doctors Case Studies

We have managed many different accounts in many different industries, and as a results-focused agency in Google Ads for Doctors  – we only strive for the best.

To demonstrate our amazing results, take a look at our recent case studies, to get an understanding of how much we can impact your business.

In all of our years, we have a 100% success rate for improving Google Ads campaigns.

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Our Google Ads Agency Workflow

We are different from other agencies that do Google Ads for Doctors, as we don’t focus on vanity metrics like impressions and clicks. We focus on results by generating leads and profit for your business.

To get the best results for our clients as the #1 agency in Google Ads for Doctors, we use a 3 step process:

1) Before we being the Google Ads setup itself, we start with in-depth keyword research, along with analysis of the Google Ads of your competitor(s).

2) Next, we create highly targeted Google Ads campaigns, that are tailored for your prospective audience through.

3) Finally, we use the conversion data gathered to make regular optimisations to the Google Ads account, getting you the best bang for your buck.

To Answer your questions

The answer is very simple – No!

Getting your free Google Ads review could not be easier, and you are under no obligation at all to use us to fix anything we might find in the account.

Our 100% Free Google Ads Audits/Reviews are bespoke to your business and are conducted by our team of experts. They often take many hours of their time to complete and are very in-depth.

As a agency in Google Ads for Doctors, our experts hate to see accounts underperform and throw money down the drain. Our team want to make sure every resource you put into Google Ads gets you the best results possible.

You only know what you know and as such all of our audits are 100% free.

You are under no obligation to use us to fix any issues our audits highlight. So go ahead and book your business in for its 100% free audit today and see if there are any holes in your account that could be fixed.

Fixing issues will mean you have more budget to put behind the parts of your accounts that are performing well.

We get this question frequently and you won’t like our response.

Google is very good at making money from Google Ads and as such will not set up your account to make you the most money.

We have audited many accounts like this and the results are shocking.

We have seen incorrect settings wasting budget and broad keywords driving irrelevant traffic to name just two shocking discoveries.

If you’re working directly with Google on your Google Ads account we highly recommend you get your 100% free Google Ads audit here so you can decide for yourself if they’re working in your best interest.

To book in your audit it couldn’t be simpler, just let us know you want one, they are free after all!

As you might expect this is another very popular frequently asked question.

Our pricing is straightforward and simple. We agree a fixed fee so you have no surprises based on the size of your account and what work needs doing. 

Essentially our fees are minuscule compared to the wasted spend we will cut from your account, and we will make sure that the return on investment is there!

We understand you might have issues with letting someone into your Google Ads account and you should.

This kind of data in your competitors hands could be very dangerous.

As the No. 1 agency in Google Ads for Doctors, with a stand out reputation of excellent customer service and second to none results for our partners.

If you have any hang-ups at all feel free to call us and speak with one of our experts – they are always happy to answer any questions and prove that we here purely to improve your Google Ads account.

If you want to improve your Google Ads account we recommend you book in your 100% free Google Ads audit today. Pick the right agency to run your Google Ads for Doctors.

Google Ads For Doctors

How Google Ads Can Help you

Google Ads, previously known as AdWords, is an paid alternative to rank high on Google’s search results. With this, you can target local keywords and focus your efforts on people looking for Doctors.

The Google Ads platform is a pay-per-click (PPC) model and therefore you are charged a a dynamic fee for each time someone clicks on your website. It is a great way to generate immediate traffic!

Even if you are a start-up business with a new website, you can use Google Ads to get leads as a Doctor straight-away. 

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