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12 google ads stats 2022

12 Google Ads Statistics You NEED To Know (2022)

Did you know that 27 years ago, the first EVER online advertisement appeared!

Yes you read that correctly… It was an advert for AT&T as part of their “You Will” campaign in 1994 (some of you old folks might remember).

Since then there have been over 100 billion online ads published and the average person is exposed to over 5000 of them on any given day. Pretty crazy right? Well it get’s even crazier… Here’s 12 impressive Google Ads Statistics!

Some PPC Stats to get you started:

  • For 2022, Google owns 92% of the global search market share.
  • Paid advertisements have over a 200% ROI on average.
  • In 2022, 54% of ad expenditures are online.
  • PPC generates twice the number of visitors compared to SEO (organic search).
  • 93% of People use the Web to find local businesses.
  • 65% of customers click on PPC ads.
  • Ads can increase brand awareness by 80%.

PPC (Pay Per Click) includes any form of advertisement online where the advertiser pays to display an advert and expects clicks in return. So if you see any ads when searching for your local masseuse or when scrolling through cat videos on a Sunday evening, you know what the deal is.

Eye-Opening Google Ads Statistics for 2022

Now that I have tickled your statistics addiction, let’s dig into more of the numbers for the largest advertising platform in the world (Google). Before we start, let me just show you how dominant they are when it comes to search engines:

Google Ads Market Share

1) In 2022, there are 6.9 billion searches a day on Google.

This equates to more than 80,000 searches each second.
Google is unfathomably large.

(Source: Internetlivestats)

2) 90% of internet users see Google display ads.

If you’re looking for efficiency, Google Ads is the place to go! Despite the rise of ad-blockers and the popularity of social media advertising, Google remains one of the finest investments for investors.

In the year 2000, the first Google Ads (then known as AdWords) advertisement emerged. It advertised live lobsters for sale via mail order.

(Source: Power Traffick)

3) By 2023, Google’s advertising revenue is expected to be over $249.54 billion.

As per the report by Statista, Google’s advertising income increased from $146.92 billion in 2019 to $209.49 billion last year. This accounts for the majority of Google’s overall yearly revenue, which was $256.73 billion in 2021.

(Source: Statista)

12 Google Ads Statistics You NEED To Know (2022)

4) 80% of businesses focus on Google Ads for PPC ad campaigns.

If your competitors are using Google PPC ads, you should consider doing so as well. If they can make ads profitable, it’ll only be a matter of time before you figure it out.

(Source: LyfeMarketing)

5) 78% of marketers advertise on Google Ads and social media.

Without a question, Google’s websites and social media platforms are the most effective ways to reach out to potential clients. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Twitter Ads are used by both B2B and B2C companies. That’s a lot of advertisements!

What is the reason for this?

People spend the majority of their internet time on YouTube and social media.

As a result, if you want people to click on your advertising (or even find them at all), this is where you should invest your money.

(Source: Formstack)

6) Google Ads return $2.50 for every dollar invested.

For firms, this is perhaps the most crucial PPC statistic.

The average return on investment for Google Ads is 250 percent. You can only imagine how well the businesses that are doing better than average are doing.

(Source: Wordlead)

7) The average cost per click is between $1 and $2.

The average cost of display ads (those that appear on websites rather than in search results) is less than $1.

Let’s pretend you’re the owner of a grocery store who wants to promote it online. You decide to market your store using Google Ads. Your company’s average cost per click (CPC) is $0.42. This is the cost of Google advertising for each customer you bring in.

(Source: Wordstream)

8) 33% of Mobile Ad Spending Goes to Google

We’re doing more and more purchasing on our mobile devices these days. It’s become such a convenient and quick way to make a purchase on the spur of the moment.

Google is claimed to receive 33% of all mobile ad spending, which is increasing year after year. Who wouldn’t want their company’s products and services to be featured in that data?

(Source: Mediapost)

9) The Average Conversion Rate on Google Ads is 4.40%

One of the most typical aims for firms running internet marketing is conversions. The average conversion rate seen by Google advertisements on the search network is 4.40 percent, which is a good measure.

This conversion rate is roughly 0.57 percent on the display network. Check out the benchmarks for Facebook below as a comparison.

(Source: Wordstream)

12 Google Ads Statistics You NEED To Know (2022)

10) 63% of People Have Clicked on a Google Ad

Over half of individuals have clicked on a Google ad, according to HubSpot’s Annual State of Marketing Report. Given that one of the key purposes of an advertisement is to induce the viewer to visit the website, this holds potential for everyone who runs advertisements on Google.

It reassures them that these types of ads, not simply those seen on social media platforms like Facebook, are effective.

(Source: HubSpot)

11) The Average Click-Through Rate for Google Ads is 2%

When running paid adverts, the click-through rate (CTR) is one of the most critical metrics to monitor. You want people to see your advertisement, click it, and go to your website. That’s where they’ll hopefully convert, whether it’s via joining your email list or purchasing anything.

According to data, the average CTR for Google advertising is 2%. Above that, you’re deemed above average.

(Source: Wordstream)

12) 65/100 People Click on Ads When Making Purchases

When looking for a certain product, running an ad on Google can help you beat out the competition and secure the sale. This is because 65 percent of those who are looking to make a purchase will click on these adverts.

You might be the one who gets the click-through and the sale if your ad shows exactly what they’re looking for.

(Source: SmallBizGenius)

Using Google Ads Statistics to Build Your Own Ads

As this data shows, Google is a powerful platform for businesses to run ads promoting their products and services. Take what is shared in this post and use it to create an ad of your very own.

Set a goal for your campaign and put together an ad that will speak to your target audience’s interests. With the right ad, you’ll be able to boost awareness, website traffic, and conversions, helping you to increase profits.

If you are already running Google Ads and want a second opinion, book in a call with our team for a 100% free audit of your campaign.

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