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Google Ads CALL-ONLY Campaign

How To Setup A Google Ads Call-Only Campaign (2022)

A Google Ads Call-Only campaign is fantastic for businesses new to google ads, who simply want to get more phone calls. These ads allow businesses to generate phone call leads without having to set up a website or professional landing pages.

In the video below, our Google AdWords expert Louis Riat-Bonello goes through the full setup process of a Call-Only campaign.

How To Setup Google Ads Call-Only Campaigns


What are call-only ads?

Google call ads are only displayed on phones that can make phone calls and are made to entice users to call your company.

The user’s click will immediately place a call to your company rather than the advertisement relating to a URL on your website.

Here is an illustration of how they appear:

call only ad sample google

The following details are included in Google Ads call-only campaigns:

  1. Company Name
  2. Telephone Number
  3. Website URL
  4. Around 80-characters for a description field

The URL is only for show purposes, though. Call-only advertisements add the company phone number to the user’s dial pad, in contrast to conventional ads that send consumers to a specified landing page.

Comprehensive PPC call tracking guide

Extensions that can be added to call-only ads include:

  • Location extensions
  • Structured snippet extensions
  • Callout snippets

Call-only advertisements are configured to appear only during business hours. So, don’t be alarmed. After closing for the day, you won’t be subject to call fees.

Before you start with call ads:

Make sure your reporting is configured properly before you start creating call advertising on Google.

Calls are difficult to track, as we all know.

Think about it… On day 1, you set your call-only ad. Thanks to Google’s native call monitoring statistics, after one week, your PPC ad has generated 50 calls for your company.

However, how many of these calls actually resulted in a sale?

The first step in efficient tracking is call tracking, but it can only get you so far. Did any of the 50 fresh leads result in a transaction? It’s impossible to say. You can’t connect those calls to closed revenue.

ppc call-only ads revenue visibility

You’re having trouble linking closed sales to your marketing in this case.

All you can do is track the quantity of incoming calls brought on by your advertisement.

To combat this, you need to invest in a call tracking and attribution tool that will track every inbound call and track that lead through their full customer journey.

Keep in mind that attribution software is essential for any organisation that generates leads through phone calls, forms, or live chat.

How to optimise your call-only ad campaigns

There are a few best practises to remember when developing call-only marketing campaigns:

  • Identify the proper keywords.
  • Spend some time identifying the keywords most likely to generate calls.
  • Pay attention to words that indicate a near-me or open-now intent.
  • One effective strategy is to conduct a mobile search for the relevant keywords and look for businesses that are utilising call-only advertisements.
  • Plan advertising to run during primetime

Prime periods for dining establishments could be right before lunch or right before dinner. Prime time for attractions may be on a Friday night or during the weekend.
Ads should be aired during the periods when individuals are most likely to be looking to call the businesses of your clients.

  • A/B test your ad copy

Call-only advertising have a very small character limit.
You are given a total of 80 characters across two description lines. Because of this, it’s crucial to employ alluring, detailed wording, and the best way to do this is to test several different versions to determine which one performs the best.

  • Utilize location-based targeting

Anyone trying to purchase a laptop right now is certainly looking for a store nearby.
To cut costs and boost the possibility of calls, focus your advertising on the areas closest to the locations of your clients’ businesses.
And don’t forget to track calls and conversions and adjust your strategy as necessary.

As with any marketing strategies, higher revenue is the main result. You won’t be able to convince clients that their investment in call-only ads was worthwhile if you don’t use a platform that records how many calls result in conversions.

To wrap up…

Phone calls convert between 30 and 50 percent of the time, but clicks only convert between 1 and 2 percent of the time, according to Marketing Land. We are aware of what we would wager on.

Why not attempt click-only call advertisements if that’s something you want to do?

Need Help With Your Google Ads Campaign?

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