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Google Ads Tutorial 2022

How To Setup A Google Ads Search Campaign (2022)

Many people setup their Google Ads search campaigns without too much thought from the start and wonder why they burn through the ad budget, getting underwhelming results.

In the video below, our Google AdWords expert Louis Riat-Bonello goes through the full setup process of a well thought-out Google Ads Search Campaign, as well as the best practises to ensure a head start to your PPC marketing journey!

Google Ads Search Campaign Setup Guide


Google Ads (AdWords) Overview

You can be operational in less an hour (and you can also edit ads easily). You can start making fresh sales at the end of the hour if you follow the instructions carefully (read the rest of this tutorial).

The best thing, though? It is based on performance.

What I mean is this.

Pay per click (PPC) advertising has previously been discussed. Because you are not paying for eyeballs, it differs from conventional advertising strategies (such banner ads with a CPM or cost per thousand impressions). Instead, you pay for outcomes.

No outcomes? No sales, leads, or clicks? There is no fee. Just like that.

But there are other advantages as well.

People use Google when they are specifically looking for something. It implies that they have a goal. They are actively searching for merchandise. By entering terms around your goods and services, people are effectively telling you what they want to purchase.

Google Ads is extremely effective because of this (and profitable). There isn’t a better SEM (search engine marketing) strategy available.

Google receives $1 for every $3 spent on online advertising. Their single biggest source of income is advertising.

Google Ads accounts for more than 95% of their $60 billion in annual income. You can see that firms are truly investing money in this because it is used by over 1 million businesses.

Google Ads Success Stories

Companies can pay to have their website appear at the top of a search results page using Google AdWords, a marketplace.

Let’s be truthful with one another for a moment:

Google prioritises large companies in its organic search results. No matter how much better your pizza is (and let’s be honest, it probably is better), it will be difficult to surpass Papa John’s or Domino’s in the rankings unless (or until) you have a strong brand.

With AdWords, you can lie.

Instead of sitting around and accumulating a collection of articles and links over the course of a few months, you can go up to the page’s top spot right away.

Check it out:

Google Ads Search Campaign Example

For one of the greatest keywords in their sector, Grubhub is able to overtake Domino’s as the top result. And after that, Racca’s Pizzeria (or some other unnamed establishment) can breathe down Domino’s neck as well.

Therefore, even tinier competitors in the market can compete at the top of a SERP, and it only took a few minutes (as opposed to months or years with SEO).

Additionally, AdWords offers you a small additional benefit. It might assist you in identifying the “money earning” keywords in your sector. So you may use them in your content and SEO strategy, you can find out which keywords convert the best by just spending a few dollars.

An auction is how the Adwords marketplace operates. Clicks are sold for money. The highest offer does not, however, necessarily win. In order to provide the best experience for the customer, Google mixes the money element with a quality component (which we’ll explore in more detail shortly).

Ads of high quality plus a winning bid.

It is a large industry, and I bet you’d love to take advantage of its potential if you haven’t already. But take note: Google AdWords is simple, but not simple.

Because they lack the patience to wait for pay-per-click advertising to produce results, most businesses spend money trying to learn how to use it effectively.

What happens now?

Ok so you have watched the video and setup your first campaign… So what are the next steps?

Before beginning to display your advertisement to users, Google will first evaluate it. Therefore, it doesn’t make much sense to start making loads of advertisements straight away.

You can start making more advertisements by copying your original ad once you log into your account the next day and check that your ad has been approved (you’ll also get an email from Google about this).

Need Help With Your Google Ads Search Campaign?

Feeling like you’re in over your head when it comes to Google Ads? At Savvy Digital, we’re experts in managing/optimizing Google Ads and are here to help you achieve the best possible results from every campaign. Contact Savvy Digital to get started with Google Ads setup today, or book in a FREE Google Ads audit. If not, the Google Ads Search Campaign Tutorial is a great start!

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