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microsoft ads smart campaigns update

Microsoft Ads Smart Campaigns UPDATE Could Threaten Google Ads!

The latest Microsoft Ads Smart Campaigns update includes a multi-platform feature, giving them a competitive advantage over Google!

Should Google be worried or is this just an empty threat?

Microsoft Ads Smart Campaigns Update



When is the update?

On Thursday, September 8th, Microsoft Ads unveiled a new, more straightforward setup process for Smart Campaigns.

A significant new feature that distinguishes them from Google Ads is also part of the release. It’s worthwhile to investigate the new experience if you run paid media advertisements.

Existing advertisers may be eligible for early access to the capabilities even though Microsoft will begin rolling out the experience migration in the coming months.

The new and improved experience

Microsoft Ads Smart Campaigns were first made available to select marketers in the US, UK, and Australian markets in 2021.

Microsoft shortened the campaign setup process in response to the expanding demands of SMBs in the current economy.

The updated Smart Campaign features:

  • Newly formulated campaigning
  • Updated support chat experience
  • Streamlined ad setup with choices for self- or automatically generation
  • Improved artificial intelligence (AI) optimisations

The outcome? A quicker, more effective workflow that will save you time.

Multi-Platform advantage over Google

The Smart Campaign update’s multi-platform capabilities are its standout feature.

Only Microsoft Ads can use this new all-in-one feature, which gives them a significant competitive advantage against Google.

Ad inventory is available on all of Google’s owned properties, including Discover, YouTube, Gmail, Display, and Search, through the Performance Max campaign type (formerly known as Smart Campaigns). The ad inventory, however, ends at Google-owned properties.

You can now increase your advertising reach and run advertisements across a variety of different platforms thanks to the new Microsoft Ads Smart Campaign experience:

  • Microsoft Ads
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

The upgraded AI system from Microsoft will automatically optimise for top performance throughout the chosen places.

Why does it all matter?

In addition to the Search market, Microsoft Ads is also expanding its competitive reach across many platforms.

Whether you qualify as an SMB or not, your PPC campaign will profit greatly from this functionality.

  1. Improve efforts on websites and social media – The multi-platform functionality can increase visibility on Facebook and Instagram if you’re having trouble organically growing your business. The new tools from Microsoft also let you schedule social media updates and reply to customers from a single interface.
  2. Expand audience and ad reach quickly – The multi-platform Smart Campaigns tool can be a terrific method to reach your target audience even if they aren’t actively searching for your product or service if you operate in a niche market with low search volume.
  3. Increased testing capacity – This could be a wonderful test to determine the best strategy to market to your audience if you already run Google and Microsoft Ads. It doesn’t hurt to give Microsoft Ads a shot as they typically advertise lower CPCs than Google.
  4. Campaign management made easier – Microsoft Smart Campaigns might be an excellent place to start if you’re limited on time or are new to PPC. It’s a cheap entrée into the digital world, with simple setup and multi-platform management.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the new smart campaigns structure, sign up for Microsoft’s next webinar happening on September 20th.

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