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What Does A Google Ads PPC Specialist ACTUALLY Do?

What Does A Google Ads Specialist ACTUALLY Do?

A person who is proficient in using and comprehending the Google Ads interface is known as a Google Ads specialist. For their clients, they are in charge of planning and managing marketing initiatives.

The specialist develops reports and updates on the performance of important metrics, outlines strategies, develops campaigns, and optimises them. They also determine whether the present strategy needs to be changed. Ad copy is written by advertising professionals.

They oversee the monitoring and tracking of keyword bids, spending limits, and other metrics as well as the management of profiles on Google Ads. They track all new Google analytics changes and offer suggestions for a fruitful return on investment (ROI). To provide the best answer for a high-performing advertisement, they integrate their recommendations and methods with the client’s goals.

Knowing everything about the platform and how it functions will help you create your campaigns for success as a Google Ads specialist. As a result, we may conclude that a Google ads specialist’s work is mainly concerned with using the Google advertisements interface.

Google Ads Specialist Explained


Understanding how Google Ads work

Having a profound and thorough understanding of the Google Ads interface and how it functions is necessary to become a Google Ads specialist. Google Ads displays business ads to people just at the moment when they seem to be the most likely to take action. How does Google achieve this?

Google uses a unique set of criteria to cater to user needs. The advertisers submit bids for its feature, and Google processes these offers while taking into account three crucial factors:

The bid: Naturally, a company will benefit from offering the highest possible price for clicks. If you place the highest possible offer and no other companies are bidding higher on average, Google will display your adverts to users more frequently.

Ad quality: If Google continues to process advertising based simply on the first factor, the ad model will not be successful. Even if a company is willing to pay the most money, the advertisement may still be terrible. Therefore, Google’s user-centric model will choose to show a good, relevant ad for less money rather than a bad ad for more money.

An estimate of the quality of the ad, the keywords and phrases utilised, and the landing pages makes up the condensed evaluation of an ad, which is given a quality score (on a 1–10 scale). Higher-quality advertisements also result in the payment of lower costs with greater visibility.

Effect of different ad extensions: Ads might offer more information and links to particular areas of the website. These formats and extensions are considered, as well as their anticipated effect on how well the advertisement performs.

Google offers a variety of ad formats, including video campaigns, search network campaigns, and display network advertising. When users search for goods or services that match a company’s service or keywords, Google offers search network campaigns where ads appear on the organic search results page. Images of goods and services that are displayed on websites and apps are typically used in display campaigns.

Videos are typically displayed in locations like YouTube for between 6 and 15 seconds. In order to fulfil the customer’s search intent, keywords control the location and timing of an advertisement. Once an advertisement has been approved, it will show up in the target region search. The advertiser only receives payment when customers click on the advertisement.

There are several factors that contribute to Google Ads’ popularity among businesses. Following keyword targeting, the adverts start to follow a consumer from website to website, for instance, from a web search page to YouTube, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

If an online advertisement receives enough clicks, the cost per click also drops. The platform gives users the freedom to pick and target the websites on which their adverts will appear.


Google Ads Specialist - Graph of Google Ads revenue


For more than a decade, Google advertising has established itself as essential and the market leader worldwide. The company’s “search and other” revenues alone amounted to $104 billion in 2020, or 71% of the total Google Ads Revenue. Businesses have benefited greatly from utilising Google Ads, which is why Google Ads specialists are needed.

Preparing for Google Ads certification

E-learning programmes are effective strategies to progress along the road to mastering Google Ads. To study and put all you need to know into practise, from Google Ads to brand management, check out the Great Learning Strategic Digital Marketing Program.

Google Ads certifications will verify your claimed proficiency and award you with recognition. The Google Ads certification is a significant credential that has evolved over time to become a standard expectation.

Numerous online courses created and provided by Google are housed in the Google Skillshop. Once you pass the exam, you will receive your product certification here. It is significant to note that Google offers a variety of certifications for Google Ads, each of which is intended to demonstrate your expertise in a specific field. At the moment, Google offers six certificates:

  • Google Ads Search: To validate your expertise in optimizing and building search campaigns.
  • Google Ads Display: To confirm proficiency in using Google Display and create efficient methods to meet marketing objectives.
  • Google Ads Video: To demonstrate your expertise in offering YouTube and Google Video advertising solutions. Check out the free Google Video Campaign Course.
  • Google Ads Apps: Proficiency in the development of Google App campaigns.
  • Google Ads Shopping: Expertise in optimizing Shopping Ads.
  • Google Ads Measurement: To measure and optimize ad performance using Google’s measurement tools.

It’s critical to pick the credentials that will best serve your professional goals. It is a good idea to hold many certifications. Having numerous certifications will allow you to handle different campaigns (which is likely to happen), giving you the expertise you need to increase your management and advertising performance for Google Ads.

Need A Google Ads Specialist To Help With Your Campaign?

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