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Facebook Ads VS Google Ads - Which Paid Advertising Is BETTER?

Facebook Ads VS Google Ads: Which Platform Is BETTER? (2022)

Time to answer the age old question of which paid advertising is better for your business… Facebook Ads VS Google Ads – Which Paid Advertising Is Better for you?

Google is highly intent based. People type into Google what they are looking for, such as “cheap hotels in London”. So when people type in what they are looking for and you have an ad that solves their problem, it will convert. If you are an intent based business that sells products/services to people who want to solve a specific problem, then Google Ads is a great choice.

On the other hand, Facebook is for targeting a broader audience. For example, you can target interest groups such as people who like cars, beauty or any other market out there. So if you have a product/service that appeals to a mass market, Facebook can be a great fit.

Facebook Ads VS Google Ads – The Battle Explained


Know what your audience wants…

Regarding Facebook advertisements, as we previously discussed, you are probably displaying an advertisement for your good or service to a person who has never heard of you before. Facebook’s targeting options are to blame for this posture (interests, behavior, etc.).

Given that they weren’t actively looking for your goods or service at this stage of the buying process, Facebook users might not be prepared to make a purchase.

In other words, it’s more about showing customers the appropriate advertisement at the appropriate time and hoping they go to the next stage of the buying process.

However, when it comes to Google AdWords, consumers are shown adverts based on the search terms they enter. Because the advertising are focused on what the users specifically searched for, consumers are more likely to click PPC ads in Google as a result of their search behaviour.

As a result, when comparing Facebook Ads VS Google Ads, users are probably further along in the buying process and closer to making a purchase.

Focus on your goals.

Selling a good or service is the aim of every advertisement. However, the ad goals shift a little bit based on what we discussed in the previous section, “what the audience wants.”

Brand recognition is the primary objective of Facebook ads. Your emphasis is more on exposing consumers to your brand than it is on generating immediate purchases because you are advertising to people based on interests rather than keywords.

Though it may sound terrifying, doing that is excellent for increasing brand recognition because it allows you to target consumers according to their interests. You’ll eventually accomplish more objectives, such as enticing consumers to visit your website or sign up for correspondence, as you develop brand awareness among clients.

Since you’re targeting particular keywords with Google Ads, selling is the primary objective, and doing so is made simple by the PPC advertising approach.

Users see your Google advertising based on the search terms they enter, as we previously discussed. Users who employ specific terms to search online indicate that they are aware of the products they want, are looking for them, and are prepared to make a purchase when the circumstances and the goods are perfect.

So which one wins in the end?

There is no obvious winner in the Facebook advertising vs. Google AdWords argument. The reality is if you run ads on both Google and Facebook, your marketing plan will be the most successful.

Your ability to occupy more space online will increase your ability to increase sales and brand recognition. When you choose to run ads on Facebook and Google, you’ll fill the gap by running Facebook ads that target prospective consumers based on their interests in addition to appearing for terms that your audience searches in Google.

When you produce product advertising for both Facebook and Google, you’ll reach the broadest range of prospective buyers.

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