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The Perfect Landing Page Design For Google Ads (50% Conversion Rate)

Most small businesses think to try ads to generate new customers.

They spend time all their time on the attraction, with the creative, ad copy, etc., but always neglect the destination. The humble landing page.

Getting clicks is one thing, but getting conversions is a whole different story. It can be a fairy tale if done correctly.

Landing Page Design (Video Guide)


My landing page results:

📈 68% Conversion Rate
❤️ £5.19 Cost Per Lead
🤯 101 Conversions In 3 Weeks

It’s nothing mind-blowing, but outstanding for something I haven’t touched in months!

Here’s some quick tips to skyrocket your GMB presence


1️⃣ Verify your business

A strong call to action that is easily distinguishable, such as a phone call button or simple lead form. Include only one CTA in each section of the page.

2️⃣ Complete your profile fully

Highlight a USP of your business that immediately sets you apart from your competitors, such as ‘Instant Free Quote’ or ‘Money Back Guarantee’.

3️⃣ Use accurate categories

Social proof in the form of client images, testimonials, reviews, and even features in top publications.

Bonus Tip: If you can include a limited-time offer or something to get people excited, that’ll work wonders.

If you own a business, this is a no-brainer to start getting more traffic immediately. 🧠

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